Über Doris Marka

Doris Marka was born and raised in Styria, Austria, and after completing a degree in economics began her career in business in Vienna. She has always had a passion for the creative arts which has included, painting, sculpture in clay and many other materials, craft-works, jewelry design and interior design. During this busy period of her life she also attended several art classes at the „Künstlerische Volkshochschule“ in Vienna.

The true inspiration and motivation behind Doris’s work has always been the places she has lived and the people she has met. During the past 10 years she has been fortunate to have travelled across Europe living for a number of years in Northern Ireland, spending most summers in sunny Italy and recently returning to her native Austria, living initially in splendid hillsides of Graz and more recently in Salzburg where she is taking art classes again with the talented teacher Veronika Erhart. Following this Doris will again enhance her creative skills in jewelry design by traveling to the prestigious le Arti Orafe in Florence.

Living in Northern Ireland has shown Doris the contradictions that exist in its landscape, culture and perceptions, this has greatly influenced her approach to art. On the one hand there are the physical scars of its violent and turbulent past but what triumphs over this scarred history is a country with landscapes of outstanding natural beauty surrounding by energizing seas which symbolize the spirit of a new generation looking forward to a more peaceful and prosperous future.
In addition to that she discovers the beauty of a country she begins to love, with the warm sun, numerous places of culture and art as well as happy people finding in each corner of Italy.

The diversity of the people she has met, from the hospitable Irish, the welcoming and sunny italian to her own kinfolk in Austria, have all left their indelible mark on Doris. She has been able to use these positive and happy experiences to develop her creative work which she feels epitomizes the feeling of optimism and wellbeing.